ROSEROSA Peel and Stick Faux Leather Pre-Pasted Polyurethane Leather Self-Adhesive Multipurpose Wall Paper (Buffalo Orange : 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch)


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     Description :

    • Made in South Korea
    • Size : 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch, Thickness 0.60mm
    • Material : Polyurethane 
    • Application : Jewelry Box , Shelves, Drawer Home & Furniture Decoration , Headliner , Pillar , Door Trim , Dashboard etc 
    • Package : 1 Roll , Coverage per Roll : 7.24 square feet

        • High Quality :
          • This faux suede is self-adhesive which makes it a must have product whenever you want to restore old furniture.
          • It will cover any flaw making you look at that old object with a glitter in your eyes.

              Shrink Packaging : 
              • This product is shrink-wrapped and will be shipped to you safely.
              • You will have the chance to restore old furniture and create a new one.

                  Easy Install : 

                  • One of the best things about this contact paper is that almost anyone can install it or attach it .
                  • Suitable for Jewelry Box, Shelves, Drawer Home & Furniture Decoration, Headliner, Pillar,Door Trim, Dashboard Car Interior and even walls
                  • Don’t hesitate to try it because you will love it.


                  Self-adhesive Polyurethane Leather Buffalo Series : 

                  Color Size Thickness Flame retardation
                  Black 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Pink 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Hot Pink 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Orange 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Green 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Purple 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No
                  Violet 19.68 inch X 53.14 inch 0.60mm No


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