Helped me get a couple more years out of my cheap furniture

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Reviewed in the United States  on July 2, 2020

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" Roserosa papers are my absolutely favorite to work with. Yes it can be frustrating to work with because it’s so thick and the stick is strong, but that’s what makes it SO GOOD. I use it when I want to get a couple more years out of my cheap furniture before replacing it. I also was really sick of all the dark furniture in my living room. This brightened the place up so much. The dogs and cats jump on the bench all the time and I haven’t seen any wear. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t scratch easily unlike cheap box furniture. I’ve ordered it in several colors and styles. The teak and the white marble are my favorites. Measure before you order so you have enough (I often run out before the project is done) measure pieces before cut with enough extra to overlap pieces in hidden places to help everything stay down, and don’t take the whole paper backing off at once or it will very likely stick to itself. I wasted a huge piece when I tried to cover the top of a cabinet and I thought “hey it’s just one piece, I’m sure I don’t need to take the paper off slowly as I apply”. Very wrong. I’ve only used this as furniture cover, I don’t like the look of patterns like this as wallpaper so I can’t speak to its usefulness there. Oh and the wood patterns are textured so they don’t look glossy and super fake. "


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