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Reviewed in the United States on Mar 25, 2018

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"ROSEROSA has quality products and I was a return customer for their contact paper. When I have the need as per another project - I'll be going to them again and again and..."


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ROSEROSA Peel and Stick PVC Solid Wood Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Covering Countertop SG15 : 2.00 feet X 6.56 feet

ROSEROSA Peel and Stick Flame Retardation PVC Solid Wood Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Covering Countertop SF15 : 2.00 feet X 6.56 feet


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ROSEROSA™ Architectural Finishes / Interior Films are decorative surface finishes available in 900+ designs at a budget friendly price.

ROSEROSA designs offer the warmth of wood grain. The sleek feel of metal. The cool of natural stone. Specify them and you won't think faux you'll think, fantastic.

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