ROSEROSA Peel and Stick PVC Artificial Wood Self-adhesive Covering Countertop Backsplash WD833


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     Description :

    • Made in South Korea
    • Size : 2.00 feet X  6.56 feet, Thickness 0.40mm
    • Material : PVC (By receiving the Eco-Labels, ECK-USA products have no detection of harmful heavy metals over standard value.)
    • Feature : It has a texture, Eco-friendly products , Shelf Liner Table and Door Reform
    • Application : Table & Furniture Reform, Countertop, Wall Decoration, Backsplash , Laptop, Cell Phones, any other smooth surface
    • Package : 1 Roll , Coverage per Roll : 13.12 square feet

      • ROSEROSA® interior film/sheets are well-being products aimed to assure our customer that it is safe to use our product in our daily lives.
      • We do not use plasticizers and DOP, which are suspected environment hormone inducing materials.
      • Contact paper is an material that has a decorative surface on one side and a highly adhesive material on the other side.
      • The paper sticks to the desired surface with minimal effort. its traditional use was as a shelf or drawer liner, it can be used in many creative ways.
        The adhesive strength and quality of this product meet the technical standards of Korean public institutions.
      • Flame resistant products that have been approved by the Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation and it deters the spread of fire during a fire and while suppressing the generation of toxic gases.
      • Please clean the adhesive side before the product adhesion. If the adhesive surface is not smooth, the wallpaper primer should be applied first.

          High Quality :
          • This contact paper is waterproof and oil proof which makes it a must have product whenever you want to restore old furniture.
          • It will cover any flaw making you look at that old object with a glitter in your eyes.

          Shrink Packaging : 
          • This product is shrink-wrapped and will be shipped to you safely.
          • You will have the chance to restore old furniture and create a new one.

          Easy Install : 

          • One of the best things about this contact paper is that almost anyone can install it or attach it .
          • Suitable for Back splash, covering cabinets, counter tops, laptops, furniture, drawers, handicrafts, shelves, doors and even walls
          • Don’t hesitate to try it because you will love it.


          The following steps provide the general method for applying film to a substrate. 

          • Always use only a dry application method.
          • For the most successful interior film application, the environment and substrate should be 60℉(15℃) ~ 82℉(38℃)
          • Roll back a few inches of the liner from the top of the film.
          • To avoid stretching the film, always remove the liner from the film, not not the film from the liner.
          • Align the film and use a finger to tack the film to the substrate. Starting in the center of the film and using firm pressure, squeegee the film, stroking to the closest edge.
          • Work across the film to each outside edge.
          • Remove several more inches of liner, and maintaining about a 45 degree angle with the squeegee, stroke downward.
          • Work across the film to each outside edge.
          • Continue in this manner to apply the rest of the film

          Finishing the Film Edges.

          • Usually, the area with the least adhesive bond is the outer few inches of the film.
          • To finish the job properly, we recommend heating the edges of the film and re-squeegeeing to secure the edges
          • To do this, set a heat gun to 150℉(70℃). Hold the gun about 1 inch from the film and heat it for 1 to 2 seconds. Immediately, re-squeegee the edge. Continue until all edges are well sealed.
          • When connecting two products, it is recommended that the products have to overlap.


          Artificial Wood Series : 

          Model Size Thickness Color
          WD471 2.00 feet X 6.56 feet 0.40mm Beige
          WD833 2.00 feet X 6.56 feet 0.40mm Brown
          LW481 2.00 feet X 6.56 feet 0.40mm Panel


             Model number is given as follows.

            • The first four digits of the model number represent the pattern, and the number after the hyphen represents the color.
            • "PGS" : High Glossy , "PGF" : Flame retardant High Glossy, "DM" : Matte Concrete, "FDM" : Flame retardant Concrete ,"MG" : Metallic , "KW" : Wood , "PGF" : Flame retardant Wood
            • If the model number are the same, The color and pattern are same.
            • Even though they have the same model number, there may be a color difference depending on the production LOT.
            • However, this picture can be expressed differently because of the shooting conditions.


            • Sometimes the backing paper may be partially separated. This is because it is subdivided into small rolls from large rolls.
            • The backing paper will be removed when attaching, it does not interfere with the use of the product.
            • Since computer screens have chromatic aberration, actual colors may vary slightly.

            Please Note

            • The ordered products are mainly shipped from the ECK-USA Korea warehouse to the buyer. (Delivery time : approx 7 ~ 15 working days)
            • If the ordered product is in stock in the ECK-USA US warehouse, it will be sent to the buyer in the local warehouse. (Delivery time : About 5 ~ 10 working days)
            • The ECK-USA warehouse in the US carries out only product deliveries.
            • Product returns are accepted only in Korea ECK-USA warehouse.

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