ECKOREA® 3mm Aluminum Bathroom Corner Shelf with Towel Rack, SUS304 Rails, Zinc Alloy Bracket, Wall Mounted ECK-240A-M2


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  • Add the final touches to any bathroom with ECKOREA’s bathroom Hardware Collections.
  • Bathroom hardwares are building materials that are used for a long time after installation, so they should not rust or discolor easily.
  • ECKOREA’s Corner shelf collections are made of Aluminum (3mm), high-grade stainless steel 304 and zinc alloy, so they have excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Feel the difference in quality and design between the ECKOREA’s collections made of metal alloy and the plastic copy product.

About this item

  • Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, ECKOREA offers a beautiful and versatile collection of bathroom hardware.
  • Extra-Thick (3mm) aluminum for Safe use & kid-friendly. Unlike glass shelves, there is no risk of breakage, so it can be used safely.
  • The metal rail on the aluminum not only can use to be a railing (hold up the items and prevent them from falling) but also can use to be a towel rail.
  • The metal rail is constructed of sus304 premium grade stainless steel, protecting against corrosion & rust. Suitable for humid environment such as bathroom and kitchen.
  • Package : Aluminum Shelf X 1ea , Mounting hardware X 1ea


ECK-240A-M1 ECK-240A-M2 ECK-240G-B1 ECK-240G-B2 ECK-240G-T1 ECK-240G-T2
Shelf Material Aluminium Aluminium Tempered Glass Tempered Glass Tempered Glass Tempered Glass
Thickness 3mm 3mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm
Rack & Bracket Material SUS304 & Zinc Alloy SUS304 & Zinc Alloy SUS304 & Zinc Alloy SUS304 & Zinc Alloy SUS304 & Zinc Alloy SUS304 & Zinc Alloy
Towel Rack X O X O X O
Qty 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea


How To Install 

  1. Mark the mounting point on the wall
  2. Drill mounting holes on the wall
  3. Put plastic anchor screw holders to the holes
  4. Use cross screwdriver tight the screws to fix the mounting bracket
  5. Hang the main body to the mounting bracket
  6. Tight fixation screw with inner hexagon spanner


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